Hey, this is Irene

I am an enthusiastic digital product designer with attention to detail, quality and human experience.

I research, ideate, strategize, design, prototype, test and iterate.

Currently UX Designer at Vanmoof



 Product Design, User research, Art recognition


 Product Design, Prototyping, Gaming

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Illustration collection

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Daily UI Challenge

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The little journey to App Design

Design, Illustration, User research

Speaking & events

Creativity and UX - An interactive discussion with Irene Falgueras

With Ladies that UX, October 2020, Online

Live Q&A with UX Designer Irene Falgueras

With Blush, October 2020, Online


Behind the Scenes of a New Illustration Style for Usabilla

Late last year, I had the opportunity to revamp my company’s product illustration style. It was a busy and exciting project that has… 6 min read

On the topic of Product Illustration, I’ll like to continue with some tips that hopefully can help you finding an unique style. 5 min read

Introducing illustration in your product

You love illustration or you would love to have more of it in your product. I feel you. I know the struggle when illustration isn’t a... 5 min read

Making of an ‘Agile design process’

So I’ve been asking myself this for a while now, how do Design and Creative Treatments fit into all of this Agile talk? 5 min read

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